Some residents of Wuiwui community in Akko Local Government Area of Gombe State have said they will not participate in the 2023 election owing to years of neglect.

Speaking on behalf of the community, the village head, Majidadi Abubakar, urged the government to renovate their community primary school which has been demolished over the years, adding that children of about 150 population learn under harsh condition.

Abubakar revealed that his community’s voting population is about 3,500, noting that the area became relevant during time for campaigns.

According to him, Successive administration’s had promised to develop the area, which is estimated at about two kilometers from NYSC temporary orientation camp at Amada, stressing that they were tired of promises.

He said, “The issue of this primary school, we have been pursuing government since Hasidu’s administration to build us a community school. Unfortunately, no one heard our pleas, we have had countless promises from others we voted to power.

“We have also explored legislators, from house of assembly to Senate. As you can see we have great population here, aside from school, we lack clinic, electricity and water.”

Abubakar continued, “We have decided that we are not going to vote anybody because they have failed to provide anything for this community this is a protest since they have failed to provide what we want.

“We have been participating in governance since Hasidu, Goje, Tolba (Dankwambo), and the present administration but no body has provided humanitarian services to this area.”

Also Speaking, Idris Abubakar, explained that the community was in need of more teachers, instructional materials as well as conducive environment.

He said, “The school was established in 2000 by the community which provided land for government to build but to no avail. These parents want their children to be educated but the building collapsed in 2020 and they have been managing it like that.”

When contacted Commissioner for Information, Julius Ishaya, said government was not oblivious of the decay in education, urging to the community to be patient.

“That was why the Governor, upon assumption of office, declared a state of emergency in education to fix the rot of many administrations. It is a gradual process. The government is committed to fulfilling all electoral promises within the finances at its disposal. However, development will get to that area most certainly,” Ishaya said.

Commenting on the threat of not participating in the forth coming poll, the commissioner added, “Development will certainly come, and this government is committed to the welfare of its citizenry.”

Photos of the community school:

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