Medical doctor turned entrepreneur, Ikpeme Neto's tweet on hard work has sparked a trend with over one million tweets as of the time of filing this report.

Ikpeme, who founded WellaHealth, a platform offering health insurance, had said that youths nowadays seemed inclined to want to enjoy too soon in their careers.

He tweeted, "Young people these days seem to optimise for a 'soft life' too early in their career. You're in your twenties, just got out of Uni, sorry to break it to you but if you're not doing 15 hour days across work and personal learning, you're not working hard enough."

As reactions trailed his tweet from those concerned about the 15-hour bit, he added, "Not 22-year-olds tweeting at me that they want to rest. Rest from what for goodness sake? 22, good health, near-zero responsibilities. Working hard and investing in your personal growth will not give you high BP, rest! Na 'cane' some of una need abeg. No wonder yahoo dey thrive."

Tweeps have been airing their thoughts on the tweets.

Chinwe said, "Yes, people should absolutely invest a lot of time in building and personal growth but this shouldn't hinge on the assumption that they're too young to have tangible problems. Times are changing and 22-year-olds are not always the way you've made it seem."

Cassandra Collins tweeted, "As much as I get this, some people start life really early and it can get very tiring even at 22. I had a job at 22 that gave me panic attacks and had me breaking down in tears at least once a week."

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